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The band was formed in Hamilton in 1979 by high school buddies David Diamond and local guitar wiz Aryan Zero. They recruited keyboardist Sonny Keyes and Max Styles on drums and began doing dances and the like in and around the Hamilton area. They soon graduated to the Ontario bar scene, becoming regulars in the eastern States as well. They were signed to an independant label the following year and went into the recording studio with Bob Ezrin, most noteable for his work with KISS. THE KINGS ARE HERE hit the stores later that year and was an instant hit. Not a radio on the continent wasn't playing "This Beat Goes On-Switching To Glide" that summer. The airplay gained the attention of promoters and upon the release of "Don't Let Me Know", the band found themselves backing up the likes of Jeff Beck, Bob Seger and Eric Clapton. The band's simple but slick approach to pop was captured best with the release of "Partyitis", the third single. Other memorable songs included "Anti Hero Man", their social commentary.

The group returned to the studios the next year for AMAZON BEACH. With Ezrin again at the helm, they tried to capture the same no-frills attitude and although Mr Zero's guitar riffs were as refined as ever, songs like the lead-off single, "All The Way", title-track and "The Fools Are In Love" failed to keep their popularity ship afloat and were cut from the label's roster the next year. The band continued on and released the EP called RSVP in '83. Waning interest in the band caused them to all but disappear from the scene until resurfacing in '91 for the independant compilation UNSIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED on Bullseye Records with the tune "Parting Of The Ways".

Overall success of the various artists compilation gained enough attention for The Kings that they came back two years later with the independant effort UNSTOPPABLE. 5 singles in all were put out, but none, except for the title-track and "If We Don't Belong Together", garnered much airplay. The only exception was the inclusion of a remastered "Switchin' To Glide". Again the band slipped out of sight until 1999 when the re-release of THE KINGS ARE HERE hit the stores. Different was the title, THE KINGS ARE HERE AND MORE, and 5 new songs to justify the title. "If We Don't Belong Together", "Shoulda Been Me" and the title track from UNSTOPPABLE, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs, "Right To The Top" and the melodic "If The Stars Come Out Tonight", the tale of two young lovers. Though the band gets back together for the occasional jam here and there, for all intents nad purposes The Kings have passed their thrown on to younger artists.

Written by Dan Brisebois of


The Kings Are Here
The Kings Are Here (1980)

This Beat Goes On
Switchin' To Glide
It's Okay
Go away
Run Shoes Running
Anti-Hero man
Love Store
Don't let Me Know
My Habit
Right To The Top
If The Stars Come Out Tonight
Shoulda been me
If we don't belong Together

Amazon Beach
Amazon Beach (1981)

All The way
Amazon Beach
The Fools Are In Love
Got two Girlfriends
The Loading Zone
Why Don't Love Do
Equal Noise

R.S.V.P. (1983)

This Christmas
The Chance
As If I Cared
A Month Of Sundays

Unstoppable (1993)

Lesson To Learn
Shoulda Been Me
If We Don't Belong Together
To Be In Love
Tonight I Got You
Parting Of The Ways
As If I Cared
Cosmic Groove
Shook Me Loose
I Got The Lovin

Party Live in '85
Party Live in '85 (1999)

Borrowing Time
Anti-Hero Man
Love Store
Don't Let Me Know
I Got Two Girlfriends
Go Away/When I Was Young
Run Shoes Running
My Habit
One Day Off
It's Okay
This Beat Goes On-Switchin' To Glide
California Girls

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